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We are the only London based agency offering 3 competitive fees and services to suit individual families.

We offer 12 weeks probation period. A large number of London based agencies offer 8 weeks.

Please note that our fees are independent of the candidates’ salary. We don’t have to charge VAT on our invoices – saving you 20%.

We strongly suggest offering a trial period before making a job offer. Trial periods for daily candidates can be a 2 part-days for example: one morning and then one afternoon or a full-day. Live-in candidates can stay overnight. The agency does not charge for trial periods, however, the client is responsible to pay the candidate.

If the client does not confirm the preferred option before the search commences, option 1 will apply.

Temporary & Maternity placements

Placements which exceed over 12 weeks are deemed permanent
  • Daily bookings at £25
  • Weekly bookings/5 consecutive days at £100
  • Payments are required before the placement commences.
  • 50% is charged on any cancellations

Au Pair Placements

  • One off fee of £375
  • 12 weeks probation period