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Hampstead Heath, North London

Start: mid/end of August 2018

Days/hours: 20 hours over 3 days: Monday 12:30pm to 7.30pm | Friday from 2:15pm to 8.15pm | 3rd is flexible with afterschool hours

Children: Two boys: 5 & 8 yrs.

Duties: work in a team with mum and carry out the daily routine of school runs, entertaining with out/indoor play, supporting homework, prepare meals, bath & bed routine – standard nursery duties.

Key requirements:

  • 1-year minimum childcare experience, ideally with families.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Ability to place boundaries and build a respectable, fun and loving relationships.
  • Enjoy working in a team.
  • Excellent checkable references.

Note: this is a returning client & previous Nannies have enjoyed their time with the family.

Salary: £257 gross (approximate) per week based on £12 net per hour. Employment contract with pension contribution



Stanmore, North London

Start: ASAP with flexibility for the right candidate

Accommodation: comfortable double bedroom with bathroom to share with the children only. Access to Wi-Fi.

Days/hours: Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 7.30pm

Term time: time-off in the day.

Children: 2 boys ages 5 & 8 years.

Duties: work in a team with mum and carry out the daily routine; morning routine, school pick-up’s via car, entertain with indoor and outdoor play, organise and supervise play dates, cooking meals, domestic duties related to the children. Holidays; planning day trips and art activities.  Mum will carry out homework.

Other duties: mum is wheelchair user and needs assistance with driving to swimming & physio once a week. No personal care.

Other staff: Weekly cleaner

Key requirements:

  • Hold 2 years minimum Nanny experience with some live-in
  • Good level of English
  • Ability to establish a loving relationship with the children
  • Skilled at placing boundaries with clear communication
  • A good role model
  • Good team player
  • Enjoy outdoor activities, playing football and creative with organising art activities
  • Well organised, reliable, mature with a fun character – good sense of humour.

Salary: £345 to £495 gross per week: dependant on experience. Employment contract with pension contribution



Islington, N1

Days/Hours: Monday to Thursday. 18 hours per week

School holidays: flexible to change hours to full days with 18 hours per week.

Children: 2 girls ages 9 and 6.5 years.

Duties: afterschool care of collecting the girls from school via walking or short bus ride, taking to activities (drama, art club), homework, entertain with creative play, prepare dinner, bath and bed routine. Domestic duties related to the children – clean uniform and kit bags ready for next day. Organise playdates and day trips during holidays.

Key requirements:

  • Childcare experience working with similar age group and ideally some Nanny experience
  • fluent English with the ability to support homework.
  • engaging with a kind and warm approach to children.
  • Enjoy role play/drama and creative
  • Easy commute
  • Flexible to work later when needed and during school holidays
  • Super organised with good energy levels.
  • Commit 18 months minimum.

Other staff: weekly cleaner

Start: Early September with hand over period with current nanny

Salary: £940 gross per month (approximate)  based on £12 net per hour. £65 per month travel contribution. Employment contract with pension contribution.

This is a returning client. Previous nannies placed highly recommend and have all enjoyed their experience.



Hammersmith, West London

Accommodation: Nanny flat

Dates: 13th July to 28th July (2 weeks holiday cover for current Nanny)

Days/Hours: 5.5 days per week from Monday to Saturday mornings.

Children: 2 boys ages 5 and 7

Duties: carry out the daily routine for the boys including getting ready for school, short walk to school, take to activities, entertain at home with play, local parks, meals, bath and bed routine. When the boys are at school, general housekeeping and cooking.

Key requirements:

  • 2 years similar experience with checkable references
  • Ability to quickly build loving relationships
  • Outgoing with good energy levels.
  • Super organised with excellent time keeping
  • Positive – confident approach
  • Quick learner
  • Good command of English

Salary: In line with market rates and dependent on level of experience.