As any other employer, when hiring staff, there are several duties and responsibilities that must be fulfilled.

Nanny Smarts’ service includes tailoring & drafting employment contracts and providing ongoing HR support.


  • Place an employment contract within 8 weeks of the start date.

  • Provide your employee with statutory rights such as; holiday pay & workplace pension.

  • Hold Employers Liability Insurance.

For a small annual fee, a payroll company can take care of all tax & legal matters with HMRC on your behalf. To manage payroll, we can put you in touch with well-established organisations that our clients have recommend.

  • Register as an employer & set-up a PAYE.

  • Submit RTI (real time information) for each paid period.

  • Pay HMRC quarterly.

  • Submit employer’s annual return (P35) at the ned of a tax year.

  • Provide your employee with regular payslips.

  • Provide your employee with P60 at the end of each tax year.

  • Provide your employee with P45 at the end of the contract.

  • Enrol the employee on a pension scheme.